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SihanoukVille is located on the coast of Cambodia, about halfway between Thailand and Vietnam, on the Bay of Thailand.  It's locally know as Kampong Som.   A spread out tourist town for both foreigners and local people from all over the country.  Three sides of the town are bordered by tropical beaches and islands.  Filled with empty beaches, crowded beaches, seafood, restaurants, bars, Buddhist Temples, casinos, hotels, and more beaches.  At several hundred places, English is spoken; and many French speakers are here as well.  About 20 other languages are spoken at various guesthouses and restaurants.

Sihanoukville Economy

Because of the importance of exports to Cambodia's economy, Sihanoukville and its port are earmarked for further significant development by the local government and through international monetary ...

Sihanoukville Religion

As 2004, there were 27 pagodas in the province with a population of 1,918 bonzis.[23] Pagodas are important for the Cambodian culture as a center of villages and cities. In the port there are two important ...

Sihanoukville Culture

The Cambodian culture is predominantly Khmer. But the presence of several human groups in Sihanoukville makes that the province has a lot cultural manifestations.

Sihanoukville Geography

Sihanoukville is located in the south of Cambodia. It is 185 kilometres (115 mi) southwest of Phnom Penh in a small Peninsula and Bahia. Beaches are the main feature that attracts national and foreign ...

History of Sihanoukville

Cambodia’s international sea trade was carried out through Mekong. This was till 1954. Mekong came under the control of Vietnam with the end of Indochina resulting in the decision to construct a new ...

Sihanoukville Weather

The town of Sihanoukville is one of the popular tourist destinations in Cambodia. Hundreds of tourists visit it every year. Founded in the mid 20th century, the city attained stability only a decade back. A ...

Sihanoukville Tourism

Sihanoukville is the best known seaside destination in Cambodia located on the Gulf of Thailand. Sihanoukville was named so after King Norodom Sihanouk ruling the kingdom then in 1964, when the beautiful ...

Sihanoukville Overview

Sihanoukville province is a small southern province of Cambodia. The capital sits on a peninsula with beaches and tropical islands around. Sihanoukville (also known as Kampong Som or Kampong Saom) was ...
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