The Declicious Khmer Cuisine

Khmer, or Cambodian cuisine is one of the most delicious and best-kept secrets of world cuisine. Flavourful, healthy and aromatic, Khmer cuisine is very similar to that of Thailand (although generally less ...

Get the beers in Sihanoukville

Draught beer straight from the Angkor factory tastes better on home turf than anywhere else in the country, but the days of price wars keeping the prices to just above cost seem to be over – selling ...

Feeding time in Sihanoukville

Eating is a treat in Sihanoukville, plain and simple. The huge number of eateries has led to each seeking a niche so that competition and variety makes eating in Sihanoukville interesting, well-prepared and ...

Wines & Spirits in Sihanoukville

Bearing in mind that beer is by far the most popular alcohol consumed, the availability, price and choice of wine is fairly good. In what state it’ll be served to you is another ...

Eating in Sihanoukville

Eating in Sihanoukville can be a lot of fun and a big part of the trip. There is a lot of variety in the food here, so travelers visiting here will never get bored. There are always new things to try. There ...

Food & Cuisine in Sihanoukville

CambodiaVisitors to Sihanoukville are constantly surprised by the quality of food served here. There is an incredibly diverse range of cuisine on offer and it is consistently ...
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