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Sihanoukville Tourist Information Centers

If you want to enjoy your holiday at a beach resort tourist destination, Sihanoukville is the ideal place. Being the province of southern Cambodia, it is the fourth largest town in Cambodia. In order to have a better knowledge about this infamous tourist spot check out the different Sihanoukville Tourist Information Centers.

You will get sufficient information about the place, its tourist attractions, legal complications, transportation, visa policies and many more relevant data from the Sihanoukville Tourist Information Centers. The Sihanoukville Tourist Information Centers will help you regarding necessary information about the city in order to facilitate your stay at Sihanoukville.

Visit the tourist information centers in Sihanoukville and get a sizable data about the city in general. For just about any information you need about the place, hop into any of the tourist information centers at Sihanoukville. You will find the tourist information centers of Sihanoukville at the bus stand of Sihanoukville. You can also locate it at the beginning point of Serendipity Beach. The information center which is located near the bus stand imparts sufficient information on diving services. Scuba diving and various other modes of diving is a frequently accessed sport at Sihanoukville. Tourists mostly indulge in these services at Sihanoukville. All necessary information regarding diving can be retrieved from the Information center. They also give diving equipments on hire to the tourists.

Apart from the data regarding diving, you will get sufficient info regarding transportation services at Sihanoukville. Important information regarding bus, air and taxi services is easily available at this information center. Again they also impart knowledge about ferry tickets. If you seek more knowledge about how to extend your visa so as to increase your stay at the city, the information center will answer all your queries. Apart from that if you want to hire a motor cycle or a bicycle during your stay to facilitate your transportation, you can seek the help of the information centers at Sihanoukville. You can rent telephones from the information centers. Again Hotel booking is facilitated by the information centers. Pay a visit to any of the tourist information centers at Sihanoukville and get your job done, whatever it might be. It offers best possible help to the tourists in Sihanoukville.
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